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USB Data Recovery
Don't assume that all your data is permanently lost! With most non functional USB Flash Drives and flash based data storage devices, the data is still recoverable by using the correct USB Flash Data Recovery techniques and tools.

Austin Data Recovery provides expert USB Data Recovery Services. Our Flash Data Recovery Specialists can restore and retrieve lost, inaccessible and corrupted data, files and folders from any type and models of flash memory storage devices and USB flash drives.

With countless of successful Flash Data Recovery cases, Austin Data Recovery can handle any type of USB flash drive failure, no matter what caused the loss of data.

Whether it's a logical failure or physical damage, accidental deletion, formatted or reformatted USB flash drive, corrupted or damaged files and folders, software malfunctioning or virus infection, our USB Data Recovery Experts have already handled every possible Flash Drive Failure and they can very quickly diagnose the problem and apply the most effective USB Data Recovery Solution and recover all your data in minimum turnaround time.

At Austin Data Recovery we are dealing with critical data loss situations every day, all day, for more than 18 years. We have USB Flash Data Recovery Experts 24/7 to handle any Emergency Flash Recovery cases.

For Free Expert Consultation and Evaluation of your failed USB flash drive Call Austin Data Recovery at (512) 777-4355 or submit an online USB Flash Data Recovery help request. You will receive an immediate assistance.

Austin Data Recovery Specializes in Flash Data Recovery & USB Repair

Flash based data storage devices contain no moving parts. Austin Data Recovery applies the latest technology for Flash Data Recovery. We provide USB and Flash Repair Services and support all brands of USB flash drives including SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, HP, Imation, Corsair, PNY, Transcend and all others.

By being portable, the very reason for their attractiveness, USB flash drives are much more exposed and vulnerable to damage. USB Flash Drives can quite easily get smashed, particularly while being connected to a USB port. This can cause the internal connectors inside the USB flash drive to break.

USB Flash Drives / Memory Sticks / Thumb Drives / Pen Drives can fail due to many reasons including corruption in the lookup tables, internal onboard component malfunction, controller failures, unplugging the USB Flash Drive during a read or write function, power surge, electro static discharge, virus attack, improper handling, poor assembly, wear and tear and more.

If your USB Flash Drive is no longer recognized by the computer when inserted, recognized but appear empty, recognized incorrectly or displaying the wrong storage capacity and the data stored on your USB flash drive is inaccessible, corrupted or lost, Austin Data Recovery can help.

When a USB flash drive stops working due to a failed component inside the device, USB Flash Repair is required before the data could be extracted. Our expert Flash Data Recovery technicians are capable of repairing the USB flash Drives and retrieve your data even when your USB flash drive is broken or damaged due to an impact, spilled water or other liquid, fire, flood, natural disasters or any other type of accident.

Free USB Flash Data Recovery Evaluation

Austin Data Recovery provides free Flash Data Recovery evaluation for your failed USB flash drive. If we can't recover the data there will be no charge.

Once the evaluation is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report of the problem and a list of all the recoverable files.

In order to avoid additional damage, we strongly advise you to stop using the failed USB flash drive as soon as you learn about the failure. Continuing to use your USB flash drive when it indicates signs of failure can lead to irreversible loss of your valuable data.

At Austin Data Recovery your data is our first priority and we never take any chances with it. Your USB flash drive is being handled by an experienced USB Flash Data Recovery Specialist who follows strict standards and rules in order to ensure the safety of your valuable data.

Our Flash Data Recovery Experts will safely retrieve your important data. Please contact Austin Data Recovery as soon as possible after the incident, in order to ensure fast and successful recovery of your data.

Emergency USB Flash Drive Recovery Services

Austin Data Recovery provides Expedited Flash Recovery Services and 24/7 Critical Response. Our USB Flash Data Recovery Experts work around the clock to handle Emergency USB Recovery cases.

For immediate help Call Austin Data Recovery at (512) 777-4355 or submit an online help request for free USB Data Recovery consultation.

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